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Stop Smoking Support Program 

Local Community Service 1 (May 1-May31) 20min treatment Open Wednesday 11:00-6:00

Appointment Only.Please bring new patient form below. 

Specialized PTSD Services for local Veterans

Local Community Service 2 (May1-May31) 20min treatment Open Saturday 11:00-6:00

Appointment Only. Please bring new patient form. 

금연침 무료진료 안내

5월 1일-5월 31일 매주 수요일 11:00-6:00 한국어 703-407-8632

예약필수, 오시기전 아래 신청서 작성요망

재향군인 PTSD 외상후 스트레스 장애 무료진료 안내

5월 1일-5월 31일 매주 토요일 11:00-6:00 한국어 703-407-8632

예약필수, 오시기 전 아래 신청서 작성요망

 What Happens in the Treatment?

* Sit together in a circle as our acupuncturist moves to each person. The group healing energy begins to flow as soon as the first person receives treatment, so remain quiet and still.

* Please do not read, move about, or talk during treatment, to help create a peaceful environment for all.

* Turn off cell phones.

* If you have long hair, please move it away from your ears.

* You may lie down carefully if there is space.

* After about half an hour the needles will be removed and disposed of.

* If you need the acupuncturist’s attention, raise your hand.

* If you any questions, feel free to contact us.

What Does Acupuncture Help With?

This 10-needle ear protocol was originally developed for drug addiction, cravings, and withdrawal. Since then it has gone beyond that to treat a wide range of issues, including:

* insomnia * anxiety and any kind of stress * detoxification and withdrawal from any drug, including psychiatric drugs and quitting smoking * depression and emotional trauma * chronic physical pain, migraines, menstrual cramps * general wellness and preventive health care

What Will I Feel?

You may feel a small pinching sensation as the sterile and dis- posable needles are inserted just a millimeter or two into the skin of the ears. Any discomfort should quickly ease.

If you continue to feel discomfort or are uncomfortable in any way, raise your hand and the needles can be removed.

Once the needles are in, you may experience a relaxing and refreshing effect, warmth, throbbing, or other energy flowing sensations.

You may become sleepy and even take a short nap, which is fine. After the treatment you may feel rejuvenated, nour- ished, and relaxed. Note: repeat treatments often have a cumulative and more lasting effect.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in tradi- tional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Illnesses or problems of body, mind, and spirit all reflect blocks in the flow of chi, or life energy. Thin sterile needles of pure metal are used to stimulate and open up the energy at points in the body where the chi flows. Because pathways in the ears correspond in miniature to the pathways in the whole body, acupuncture points in the ears stimulate and smooth out the flow of chi in the rest of the body.

There are no side effects, and anyone with any health condi- tion can safely receive this treatment. Acupuncture does not add anything, but instead supports your own body’s ability to heal itself. Acupuncture helps restore health, promote a healthy immune system, and prevent future problems.

Is This Clinic Really Free?

This is a free community clinic open to all, run on an extreme- ly low budget on volunteer inspiration and donated time. Our clinic receives donations from individuals, some small foundations and a city grant.

We still do have costs -- rent and other expenses -- that are not completely covered by our other grants and funding. So If you can, please make a donation to keep the clinic going.

100% of proceeds go directly to program costs: we are all volunteer and have no paid staff. If you can donate, even 2 or 5 dollars, it is appreciated, however, this is a free clinic and you are not obligated in any way.

Is Acupuncture For Everyone?

While most people feel benefitted by the ear acupuncture treatment, everyone is different. Your experience is uniquely your own, and we encourage you to trust your own response and intuition about what is the health care that works for you. If you are uncomfortable and the discomfort does not pass, please raise your hand and the needles will be removed.

About the NADA Ear Treatment Protocol

Our clinic uses the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. NADA, or the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, is a specific form of acupuncture treatment especially designed to be highly effective for community treatment. 5 specific points in the ears -- the Shen Men or spirit gate, the sympa- thetic nervous system, the kidney, liver and lung -- target anxiety, insomnia, cravings, detoxification, and withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and psychiatric medications. The points are also excellent for general wellness and improving overall health, including migraine headaches, allergies and other issus.

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of the NADA protocol. NADA has helped tens of thousands of people world-wide, including drug treatment, trauma recovery, and even disaster relief including hurricane Katrina and Tsunami survivors. The NADA protocol is approved for use by Acu-De- tox Specialists with a 70-hour clinical training in more than 20 states in the US. and also around the world.

The Origins of NADA

NADA originated 30 years ago in a South Bronx community clinic, Lincoln Recovery, which continues to treat community members and lead training programs. This clinic was organized by BL Wellness llc, a group run by and for people diagnosed with severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia & bipolar, who want alternatives to mainstream treatments. Co-sponsored by: IDM (Immanuel Discipleship Mission) 11400 Shirley Gate Ct. Fairfax, VA 22030 

Co-sponsored by: IDM (Immanuel Discipleship Mission) 

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, helping local community in the VA,MD, DC area. Your donations help us expand to services and build new programs all over the world so that we may reach more people in need. Donations by credit card can be made by calling 703-407-8632 or by clicking below. Donations can be mailed to: IDM (Immanuel Discipleship Mission) 11400 Shirley Gate Ct. Fairfax, VA 22030